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Speech Samples

Speeches: The following table provide a list of all the topics covered about speeches.

Speech Samples

Essay Samples

Essays: The following table provide a list of all the topics covered about essays.

Essays Samples

Anecdote Samples

Anecdotes: The following table provide a list of all the topics covered about anecdotes.

Anecdote Samples

Recommendation Letters

Recommendations: The following table provide a list of all the topics covered about letters of recommendation.

Recommendation Letters

List of Content

Speeches Description
Speech for Martin Luther King DaySample Speech for Martin Luther King Day
Speech CoC IncomingHow to write a Change of command speech as Incoming Commander
Speech CoC KeynoteChange of Command Sample Speech for keynote or guest speaker
Speech CoC OutgoingHow to write a Change of command speech as Outgoing Commander
Speech Graduation KeynoteSample Funny graduation speech for guest speaker
Speech IntroduceIntroduce a guest speaker speech sample
Speech Memorial dayMemorial Day speech sample
Speech Middle SchoolMiddle School or Elementary School graduation speech
Speech One LinersSpeech one liners & jokes
Speech VeteransdayVeterans Day speech sample
Welcome SpeechWelcome speech for Conference or Special Event
Black History Month SpeechBlack History Month Speech
Women's Equality Day SpeechWomen's Equality Day Speech
Eulogy SpeechHow to write a eulogy for a person

Essay Samples

Essays Description
Essay Better GradeTop 10 ways to improve your writing skills and get a better grade in English
Essay LengthHow long should an essay or research paper be?
Essay Make LongerTricks to make an essay longer or shorter
Essay OutlineEssay format example
Essay PartsHow to write the introduction, body and conclusion of an essay
Essay ThesisTips for how to write a strong thesis statement
Essay TipsTop 20 tips for writing papers
Essay TopicTop 10 tips to choose an essay topic

Anecdote Samples

Anecdotes Description
Anecdote Adam EveAdam and Eve Anecdote
Anecdote BarDon't mess with Marines Anecdote
Anecdote BenfranklinBenjamin Franklin and a new republic
Anecdote ChurchillI will be sober
Anecdote CongressCommittee work
Anecdote CoolidgePresidential poultry
Anecdote DogAngels come in many forms
Anecdote EdisonThomas Edison and salt
Anecdote EinsteinEinstein and school
Anecdote Einstein 2Einstein and the statue
Anecdote Einstein 3Einstein impersonator
Anecdote GandhiGandhi's project in prison
Anecdote Gandhi 2Gandhi's affiliation with the poor
Anecdote Gandhi 3Gandhi's treatment of a goat
Anecdote Gandhi 4Gandhi travels in 3rd class
Anecdote Gandhi 5Gandhi and religions
Anecdote GolfExpect the unexpected
Anecdote MandelaMandela and fear
Anecdote MonksBiblical translations
Anecdote PentagonAppearances can be misleading
Anecdote PhilosophyPhilosopher's questions
Anecdote Philosophy 2Philosophy of new places
Anecdote PioPadre Pio and the birth of a child
Anecdote ReaganThumbs up
Anecdote Reagan 2Friend or foe?
Anecdote RomeLook at the bright side
Anecdote SeashellMaking a difference
Anecdote SharksSinking Ship
Anecdote TeresaMother Teresa's mission
Anecdote Teresa 2Mother Teresa's mission
Anecdotes AnatomyThe Amazing Human Body
Anecdotes Roast1Funny One Liners for a Roast

Grammar Tips

Grammar Description
Grammar ApostrophesHow to use apostrophes to show possessive, for contractions, s' and 's
Grammar Irregular verbsMost common English irregular verbs and how to use them
Grammar List 1Most Commonly Confused Words
Grammar List 2Most commonly confused words
Grammar PronounsHow to use I, me, myself and other personal pronouns

Letter Samples

Letters Description
Letter New employeeFree Sample employee welcome letter
Letter Welcome conferenceWelcome letter sample for conference or event
Letter BusinessSample business letter template

Press Release Samples

Press Releases Description
Press Release TemplatePress release template and sample
Press Release TipsTips for how to write a good press release

Recommendation Samples

Recommendations Description
Recommendation MilitaryHow to write a military letter of recommendation
Recommendation TemplateLetter of recommendation sample
Recommendation Template ManagerLetter of recommendation sample
Recommendation Template VolunteerLetter of recommendation sample for volunteer or student
Recommendation TipsHow to write a letter of recommendation

Wedding Vows Samples

Wedding Vows Description
Wedding vows SampleWrite your own wedding vows sample
Wedding vows TipsHow to write your own wedding vows

Article Samples

Articles Description
Article SampleArticle Sample
Article TitlesArticle Titles
Article Titles PoemsArticle Titles Poems

Bibiography Samples

Bibiography Description
Bibliog APA ArticlesBibliog APA Articles
Bibliog APA BooksBibliog APA Books
Bibliog APA SampleBibliog APA Sample
Bibliog APA WebBibliog APA Web
Bibliog MIA BooksBibliog MIA Books
Bibliog MlA SampleBibliog MlA Sample

Condolence Samples

Condolence Samples Description
Condolence SampleCondolence Sample
Condolence TipsCondolence Tips
Eulogy of special need personEulogy of special need person

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