How to write your own wedding vows


This wedding vow sample will make it easy to write your own wedding vows. Writing loving, memorable, beatiful vows can make a big difference towards giving you the dream wedding you want and letting your fiance know just how much you love them. You can use our free romantic wedding vows and adapt them for your own wedding.


Tips for writing your own Wedding Vows

Your wedding vows can be funny or simple or sweet, but they should be uniquely you. Easier said than done, right? Here are a few tips and ideas to make writing your wedding vows easier.

1. Start with a quote that is symbolic of your love or relationship

2. Start by stating how much you love your fiance and why

3. Tell a short story about the first momemnt you knew they were "the one"

4. Talk about the qualities you love about them

5. Say how they make you feel and how your life is knwo that you're with them

6. State how you will love them or tell them ways that you will strive to make your life together wonderful

7. Say what unconditional love means to you

8. To make it meaningful to your families, you can thank his family and/or family for bringing you to this point

9. If you want to, you can thank God or a higher power for bringing you two together and how happy you are that you have found each other.

10. Finish by promising to give all of your love to the other person and staying faithful, supportive and dedicated for your entire life.

11. Don't wait until the last minute. Write your vows and then leave them for a few days and look at them again. Go back and change what you don't like. LEave them again and check back until you feel they are right. It's not a good idea to leave them until the last minute when you may be stressed out or very busy with all the wedding arrangements.

12. Humor is good but never tease or make fun of your partner in your vows. This is your chance to be a mushy and lovey as possible so you should make it worth it.

13. When both of you have completed your vows, have someone else review both of your wedding vows. You can ask the officiant doing the wedding, or a sibling, a friend or parent. That person can make sure the vows are balanced and tell you how to fix it if they are not.

14. Check the timing. Your reviewer can check this for you. For example, you don't want for your fiance to talk for 10 minutes with a deeply romantic and poetic vow and yours are 1 minute long and meant to be sweet but funny. One or both of you may feel embarrased, and that should never be the case on the most special day of your lives.

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