Top 10 ways to improve your writing skills and get a better grade in English


This page contains some easy and very basic solutions that will help you get better grades on papers in high school and in college. You have to write essays and research papers for almost every class you'll take. These tips will help you improve your grades in English, science, history, geography - any class that requires writing. Check our Top 10 Tips to improve your score and other articles for more ways to improve your essay writing abilities.


How to be a better writer and get a better grade on essays

Whether you want a better grade in English class or any class, check our tips and other articles for the top ways you can improve your essays, improve your writing abilities and get a better score on your research papers.

1. Spell check. Don't let your hard work go to waste by missing some misspellings. It's so basic it's silly, but it's easy to miss this vital step. Also check for those words that spell check won't catch because it's really a word but not the word you wanted to say.

2. Check the grammar. Make sure all your cases match for conjugation. Check those little things like farther and further, fewer and less, much and many, effective and affective. You can check some of common grammar mistakes in our article.

3. Read for tone and style. How do you check tone and style? Read your essay with these questions in mind and read it as though this is the first time you've read it. Does it flow or do some parts seem hard to understand? Is the argument or discussion logical? Does it make sense as whole?

4. Have someone else check it. Find someone who is a good writer or who reads a lot and ask them to check your essay for you. You can ask a parent, a mentor or a friend to do it. Hand them a pen and your essay and ask them to be ruthless and mark every mistake they see, write what doesn't make sense and mark what they think could be better. (And try not to get offended or they won't help you next time.)

5. Check your introduction. Does your introduction have something to get the reader interested? An attention grabber? If not, add a quote, a short anecdote or something else that will pull the reader in.

6. Check your thesis. Is your thesis clear or muddled? Does it match the points of your essay? If not, re-write it.

7. Check your conclusion . Does it restate your main points? If not, add a summary sentence. When your paper ends, does it FEEL like it ends? If not, write a sentence that wraps up your thoughts. Does your conclusion have a little kicker to give the reader something to think about? If not, end with a deep thought, a reference to how the thesis applies to life or the future, a call to action or something you want the reader to do. Or ask a question that relates your paper to a larger topic. Another method is to add a quote that relates to the paper.

8. Check your bibliography. To truly have a top-notch paper, be sure to turn in an organized, tidy-looking bibliography.

9. Use lots of sources and different types of sources. Use articles and books from multiple authors, and when using online sources, only use reputable sources. Look for government web sites or very well known and respected sites. Don't use Wikipedia and other user-generated sources of information since that information does not necessarily come from experts. If an online article quotes a source (like a government agency or a research study), go straight to that source and use THAT in your bibliography.

10. Include transitions to help your essay flow. To begin, furthermore, in addition, in conlusion, to summarize are all acceptable transitions. You can also take a point from the first paragraph and connect it to the second. For instance, in a paper, if the prior paragraph was on the court system and the next is on the legislature say, "As stated, the judicial branch is a vital part of the governmental system, but the courts are balanced by the legislative branch." Transitions will make your paper tigphp make it flow and draw the reader along.

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