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Adam and Eve Anecdote

One day, back in Biblical times, God was getting impatient for Adam and Eve to begin populating the earth. He called Adam to him.

"Adam," God said, "Go into the Garden of Eden, find Eve and give her a big hug."

Adam set off in the Garden, but returned soon after and asked, "God, what is a hug?" God explain and Adam set off again to find Eve. The next day, God again called Adam. "Adam, go into the garden, find Eve and give her a hug and a kiss." So Adam agreed and set off into the garden, but again he returned and asked, "God, what is a kiss?" God explained and Adam thought that sounded okay so he went into the garden to find Eve. The next day, God called Adam and said, "Adam, I want you to go into the garden, find Eve and give her a hug and a kiss, then I want you to go forth and multiply." Adam agreed and went into the garden. Shortly he returned and he asked God, "God, what's a headache?"

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