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This page contains an example condolence letter that you can fill in and use. But how do you write a condolence letter or sympathy card to someone who you don't know or someone who you don't know well? What about writing a sympathy card or letter of condolence to someone if you didn't know the person who died very well or if you didn't know the deceased at all? Writing these can be very difficult but all condolence letters follow the same basic format you can still use our example template to make it easier.


Example Condolence letter or Sympathy card

Date goes here

Dear (name of recipient),

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy for you and your family on the loss of (name of deceased or relationship, such as 'your mother'). I was very saddened to hear the news that (he/she) had passed away. (Explain your relationship to the deceased if his or her family would not know who you are, such as 'I worked with Jane for 3 years at the bank' or 'My son was in Joe's Boy Scout Troop.')

(He/She) was a very special person and will be deeply missed. (Include a memory if you have a positive or neutral one to share, such as 'I'll always remember the times she helped me prepare for projects at work.' If you didn't know them well, say 'From what people have said, it's obvious that he must have been a very special person.' If you didn't know them at, just skip this part.)

I am sure this must be a very difficult time for you and your family. While there are no words to ease your pain, please know that our thoughts and our prayers are with you. If there is anything we can do to assist during this difficult time, please let us know.

Again, please accept my most sincere condolences and wishes that you and your family can find some comfort as you deal with your loss.


(Hand written signature)

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