Write your own wedding vows sample


This wedding vow sample will make it easy to write your own wedding vows. Writing loving, memorable, beatiful vows can make a big difference towards giving you the dream wedding you want and letting your fiance know just how much you love them. You can use our free romantic wedding vows and adapt them for your own wedding.


Romantic Wedding Vow sample

My dear (name of fiance),

Today I stand here with you at the beginning of our new life together. It is the moment I have dreamed of my entire life. In my life I dreamed of you - who you are in teh beauty of your soul and the kindness in your eyes - but I just hadn't found you yet. Today I am so deeply happy and so eternally greatful to God that I am joining in marriage with you.

A poet once said (add quote here, for example:) “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” (Morrie Scwartz)

This quote makes me think of you and the first moment when I knew I loved you. That moment was when (insert brief story of first time you knew your fiance was the one). That's when my heart chose to love you- even though it was never really a choice! I couldn't help falling for you.

Today is our beginning of a new time in our lives. We will no longer be lone individuals in the world. Now we join to become you and I, to become us - one loving pair who can face the world together, anda hand in hand, go anywhere and do anything together. I know as long as I am by your side, my world is right.

When I look into your eyes and every time I feel your hand in mine, I know that being here with you is the only life I could ever imagine. With you I am at peace. I am tranquil and complete.

There may be hard times, but I promise to dedicate my whole heart and spirit to you. You are the angel who has held me close and supported me through hard times and I will promise to always be the same for you.

My dearest love, my sweetest angel, my (use pet name or nickname for your partner, if appropriate, here), accept this ring with my deepest love and know that for all of our lives, I am yours and yours only.

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