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This article will explain how to write a press release. Getting the press to show up to your event is not always easy. There are many things happening in most cities, so you've got to be sure to have a professional, accurate and interesting press release so you and your organization get noticed. See below for a press release template and a sample press release. Don't forget to check our tips for writing a great press release.


Press Release for event template

You can structure a press release for an event on the template and sample below. Don't forget to plan your event so the press can make their news time deadlines. Be sure to read tips to creating a great press release.

Press Release for (write name of event)

Write your organization name

Name of person who press should contact (if applicable)

Phone: (000) 000-0000


The press is invited to attend the (event - grand opening, press conference, performance, sneek peak, etc) for (your business or organization) which will be at (venue or business address) in (town) on (date) from (beginning time) to (ending time). The event will feature (write your news hook here - ie: something interesting, unusual or exciting about your event that will get the media's attention. This section can be a paragraph or two long, but stick to the point).

For (images or video) about this event, please see (attached images or web site linking directly to files posted). For more information or to RSVP (if necessary), call (000)000-0000 or email


(Organization or company name) is an organization/business that (write what your your business does. Here is where you place some background information about your company. This section can be one or two paragraphs long. For instance: (Your organization) was founded in (year or date if recent) with the goal of (explain what you do in an brief, but interesting way).

Press release example

Here is an example of a press release for the grand opening of a restaurant. It could be adapted to meet any event, opening, performance, press conference or other happening you'd like the press to attend.

Press Release for grand opening of Spicy Grill Restaurant

Spicy Grill Restaurant Corporate Headquarters

Susan Spade, public relations office

Phone: (000) 000-0000


The press is invited to attend the grand opening of the newest location of the Spicy Grill Restaurant for a sneek peak of the spiciest new menu in town! The grand opening is at our new location at 545 Brown Street in Springfield on Monday, Aug. 1 from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m. To celebrate our kick off, the grand opening will include free tasting of some of our chef's top dishes and we'll have players and cheerleaders from the University of Texas basketball team trying to win top honors in a hottest-pepper eating contest at 3 pm! Dont' miss this great event!

For images or video of the new restaurant, please see the attached images or visit our web site at For more information, call (000)000-0000 or email


The Spicy Grill Restuarant chain was launched in 1992 by hometown-girl-made-good Maria Sanchez, who based the menu of her first restaurant on a fusion of Spanish and Thai cuisine she learned while traveling with the circus. Sanchez was able to expand to multiple restaurants following the great sucess of her first location in the historic section of downtown Springfield, and continues to do so while giving back to our local community through fundraising and multiple charities.

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