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Look at the bright side

A woman went to the salon to get a haircut. She was bubbly with excitement and the hairdresser asked her what all the fuss was.

I'm going to Rome with my husband," the woman gushed. "It's a lifelong dream! I can't wait!"

Vising Italy was the hairdresser's lifelong dream and she resented this woman's excitement. "Rome?" she said. "Why would anyone want to visit Rome? It's dirty, overpriced and crowded. You'll have a terrible time. So, how are you getting there?"

"We're flying Airjet. We got a good price."

"Oh no, not Airjet!" the hairdresser said. "That's a terrible airline. Their planes are old, the food will make you sick and they always lose your luggage. Plus that airport is awful. The people are rude and the planes are always late. So where are you staying in Rome?"

"We found a wonderful little hotel right near Piazza Venezia! It overlooks some ruins and we can walk to all the sites!"

"Oh no, you're going to get ripped off you know," the hairdresser exclaimed, quite enjoying herself now. "The maids will steal your stuff as soon as you leave your room and all the hotels have bugs. And walking in that city will be terrible. It's so crowded and you'll be run over by those Italian drivers."

The woman would not be deterred. "Well, we're going to go to the Vatican and maybe we'll be able to see the Pope."

"Oh yea, right," the hairdresser laughed. "It will just be you and a million other people going to see the pope. You probably won't even get close enough to see him. Well, you'd just better hope this trip won't be as awful as I think it will."

A month later, the woman came back for a trim and got the same hairdresser. The hairdresser asked about how the trip went.

"Oh, it was so incredible," the woman said. "On the way over our plane was brand new and so comfortable. It was overbooked so they bumped us up to frist class. And the plane left early, can you believe it! Our hotel was so nice, all marble and pillars everywhere you looked. It was four-star and they gave us a discount! And Rome is so beautiful. The colliseum and the forum! And the squares and the cafes! We had wine and pasta overlooking fountains and cathedrals, and visited palaces and museums! It was wonderful," she said.

The hairdresser was now feeling very uncomfortable and she tried to regain herself. "Well, fine so it sounds like it wasn't too bad, but I know you didn't see the pope."

"Oh! That was the best part! While we were in the Vatican gardens the pope came out to enjoy some sun. He looked right at me and gestured for me to come and talk to him! I couldn't believe it. So I walked straight up to him and shook his hand!"

"Oh really?" said the hairdresser. "And what did he say?"

He said: "Who screwed up your hair?"

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