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Philosophy of new places

A very wise Greek philopher was sitting in a garden next to the road on the way to Athens. A man walking up the road walked over to him and said, "I am planning on moving to Athens, but I'm not sure if I should. Can you tell me what it's like living here?" the philopher said, "Certainly I will tell you, but first would you tell me about the city you lived in before?" The man grimaced and said, "That horrible place! The people are cruel to on another. They lie and cheat and your neighbor will stab you in the back. I am not sorry about leaving becuase I have only enemies there." The philopher shook his head and said, "Well, I'm sorry to tell you that you will find Athens to be just the same as your previous city." The man grumbled saying, "I should have known it!" and he turned to walk to a different city.

As the philopher continued sitting in the sun, another man came along and approached Socrates. "I was considering movign to Athens," the man said, "And I wondered if you could tell me what it's like." The philopher again said, "Well certainly, but would you first tell me what sort of a city you left behind?" The man smiled and said, "Oh, it's a wonderful place. The people are kind and thoughtful. Everyone is willing to share with their neighbors and help out when it's needed. The people are wonderful, and I certainly will miss my friends." The philopher smiled and said, "In that case, you will find Athens to be just the same sort of place to live."

Each man may have left a place beyond, but they brought their ideas, perspectives and outlooks along with them.

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