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This historical anecdote could be used to talk about Thomas Edison, innovation, determination, being open minded, new ideas, inventions, American history, dedication, job interviews, applying for a job, intellect, habits and more.


Thomas Edison and salt

Thomas Edison was a great scientist and inventor, among other things, who made great impacts on American history. He was always looking for smart, open-minded young scientists to work for him on his many invetions. Whenever he met someone he thought might make a good candidate, he would take them to dinner. The interview would begin over the table, but the deal was not decided until the food arrived. Edison would watch what the inventor did when the food arrived. If the applicant tasted his food and then salted it, he could be a good addition to the team. If he salted his food before tasting it, the young man was not hired. Edison knew that people who did things automatically and made presumptions without knowledge would not be able to look at problems and find innovative solutions.

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