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Mother Teresa's mission

Mother Teresa was always looking for ways to get the things necessary for the poor people of her area. When confronted with recurring cholera outbreaks in one of the slums where she taught children, she decided to approach Dr. B. C. Roy, a chief ministro of the Bengal province who also provided free medical service to the poor when he was not too busy with his government work. She went to his office and sat in the waiting room with the poor patients who were waiting for help. Finally, it was her turn to see the doctor.

"I am not a patient," she said, "But I'm here to help others who are ill. The slum in Moti Jihl has no water pump. A pump and clean water would help people avoid cholera." The doctor was surprised that there was no water pump there, and he told his assistant to make a note so he could look into it. He was as good as his word and soon the slum had access to clean water. Mother Teresa returned time after time to ask Dr Roy for help with electricity, water, garbage removal, food - all the basics of life missing in the crowded, forgotten slums where she worked. Every time, Dr. Roy responded and did his best to help fix the problems.

Once when she went to visit him to ask for food and medication for some poor children she had taken in. He agreed to help and she said, "I hope you don't think we Sisters are tackling too much." Dr. Roy laughed and said, "Not at all. Make it bigger. Bigger, Mother. A good cause never suffers for want of money!"

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