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This funny anecdote could be used to talk about being thorough, fatherly advice, sharks, shipwreck, ocean, travel, cruises, people who are 'full of crap' and more.


Sinking Ship

A luxury yacht packed full of several very rich and very elite people sprang a leak way out far away from shore. Father and son Great White sharks were were swimming past and saw the ship sinking lower and lower in the water.

"Let's go son," said the father shark to his son shark and they swam closer to the boat. Before long the boat slipped beneath the water and the tanned and helpless people doggy paddled in the waves.

"Ok son," said the father shark. "First we'll circle them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing." And they did.

"Ok, now we'll move in a little closer and we'll swim around them for a while with our entire fins showing." And they did.

"Ok, good job! Now we eat everybody!" And they did.

After they were both stuffed full and were picking the last bits out of their teeth, the son shark looked at his father. "Dad, why did we have to swim around and around them for so long? Why didn't we just eat them right away?"

His father wisely turned to him and said, "Because son, most people are full of crap and they taste better without it!"

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