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Padre Pio and the birth of a child

Padre Pio was a monk who lived in Italy during from the end of the 1800s and died in the 1960s. He was known for his great spirituality, ability to heal the sick, appear in more than one place at a time and for having the stigmata of Christ on his hands and feet.

Padre Pio was also known for his love of children, and stories abound of his efforts to heal or ask God to heal sick children. He himself had been dreadfully ill and nearly died as a child. On many occassions, families would come to him and he would beg God to heal the child.

On one such occassion, a man came to Padre Pio because his wife was having a difficult pregnancy. Padre Pio told the man, "Go in peace, and without operations."

Finally the women went into labor and had an extremely difficult labor. The doctors told the man that they had to operate or both the mother and baby would die. The man went to the other room to think and when he saw the photograph of Padre Pio, he began to curse at it and insult it. AS he continued releasing his grief and fear out at the photo, he heard the cry of a baby. He ran back into the room to find both his wife and the baby doing fine, and the birth having been accomplished without surgery.

A few days later, the father went to Padre Pio to confess his sins and to tell him of the healthy birth of the baby. The man had not yet begun to talk when Padre Pio stold him, "It's allright, but please don't repeat all of those insults and mean things you said to my photograph again. Once was enough!"

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