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Appearances can be misleading

According to legend, during the Cold War, Soviet Union spy satellites were fixed on the Washington DC area, including the Pentagon. The Russian military analysts spent day-in, day-out watching the footage. One day, some of the Russian analysts noticed an intriguing trend while filming from above the Pentagon operations. In the middle of the Pentagon there was a courtyard, and in that courtyard was a building that seemed of high interest. All day long, from early morning until late in the evening, military officers from all the services, of all ranks and specialties would exit the Pentagon and cross the courtyard, walking straight to the building at the center of the courtyard. The officers would approach the buildings and leave carrying some sort of small items.

Intelligence analysts examined the photos closely. What sort of highly-valuable information was being exchanged in this top secret nerve center at the very center of the Pentagon, so important that service members of every rank flocked to it day after day?

Believing it was a target of utmost importance, the Soviet Union counted it as a top target in case of strife. Today, we can reveal what the actual purpose was of this importance Pentagon facility. It was a hot dog stand.

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