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Gandhi's treatment of a goat

On May 2, 1946, Gandhi was meeting with Sir Stafford Cripps, Lord Pethick Lawrence and Sir A V Alexander - three distinguished British labor politicians to discuss some important policital matters. Despite the importance of the subject matter and the prestige of his three guests, Gandhi left the meeting to go to the backyard. The Englishmen followed Gandhi and saw there was a goat who had sprained its leg. Gandhi applied a soft mud pack to its leg to ease its pain.

Sir Pethick Lawrence was insulted and complained, "It surprises me that for such a trifle Gandhi had to break the decorum of this meeting!" Maulana Azad, a scholar and leader of the independence movement, was standing nearby. He replied, "Mr Lawrence, it is, in fact, these trifles that have made Gandhiji a Mahatma" (Great soul). Gandhi later rejoined them, explaining that the pain the goats was suffering was a more serious matter than the meeting.

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