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Gandhi's affiliation with the poor

Gandhi, although educated and accustomed to wearing western-style clothes earlier in life, transformed his way of dressing and appearance abrubtly on Sept. 21, 1921. He decided to do this during a visit to Madurai, a temple in the south of Tamil Nadu on the banks of the river Vaigai. He was moved when he saw half-naked women on the riverbank washing part of the sari they wore. Those with him said the women washed them while they were wearing them because it was the only sari they owned. Gandhi shaved his head, discarded his clthing and wore only a loin cloth like a poor villager. He would remain so for the rest of his life so he could identify with the poor and downtrodden in India.

In Madurai was a sacred temple called Meenakshi, but Gandhi refused to visit it because the temple did not allow the caste group known as untouchables or harijans to enter. If the Harijans were refused, than Gandhi himself would not enter until such time as all people were alloed to enter. On his third visit to the region in 1946, that had finally become a reality and Gandhi offered his prayers in the temple.

When asked about his change in appearance, Gandhia replied, "I adopted this change in dress because I always hesitate to advise anything that I may not myself be prepared to follow."

This story is adapted from Gandhiji Anecdotes and Quotes by Nenmeli K Srinivasan and published on

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