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Einstein impersonator

Albert Einstein was frequently asked to speak at dinners, social events and other gatherings - a practice which he did not care much for. One evening, his chaffeur was driving him to another speaking event and Einstein complained that he was tired of the speaking engagements. His chaffeur happened to look very similar to Einstain and suggested that since he had heard Einstein making his speech so many times, he could deliver the speech instead and Einstein could relax. Thinking it was a great idea and eager to see if the chaffeur could pull off the lark, Einstein agreed.

At the dinner, Einstein took the chaffeur's hat and coat and the chaffeur entered first, shaking hands and greeting the hosts. At dinner, the chaffeur gave a nearly perfect rendition of the speech while Einstein sat in the back of the room. The chaffeur even managed to answer some basic questions that Einstein frequently received. Finally, a man with an arrogant and bellittling manner asked a question, inserting his own ideas and opinions into the question so the audience would be impressed that he knew so much. The chaffeur waited until the pompous man has finished his speech and said, "The answer to that question is so simple, that I will allow my chaffeur who is sitting in the back, to answer it for me."

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