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An anecdote is a short story, narrative or parable often used in speeches, essays, toasts, books, articles and other written or spoken products. Anecdotes are often funny, inspiring, interesting, surprising, ironic, humorous and may teach a lesson, be biographical or cause reflection. Funny or interesting anecdotes can help make your speeches or writing better, especially when used in conclusions, introductions or to prove a point. We hope our anecdotes will help you in your speeches and writing.

This funny anecdote could be used to talk about Albert Einstein, determination, opinions, reputation, intelligence, brains, intellect, potential, doing your best, believing in yourself, science, physics, failing, never giving up, perseverance, efforts, faith in yourself, hope and more.


Einstein and the statue

A church in New York decided to put up statues of eight of the world's most famous scientists. One of those selected was Albert Einstein. Einstein, who was still living was asked how he felt to be immortalized in stone outside of a church. Einstein answered, "From now on and for the rest of my life, I must be very careful not to commit a scandal."

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