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Committee work

The government had a scrap yard of old, excess military equipment in a big empty area in the middle of some federal land. There was concern that someone might steal the equipment so they formed a committee to figure out a solution. They committee decide to hire a night watch man to keep an eye on it. But then they thought, "But how will the watchman know what to do?" So they hired someone to write the operating procedure on how he should do his job. But there was concern that the watchman might not follow the isntructions properly, so the committee hired an advsor to evaluate how well the watchman did his job, and someone else to write reports to bring back to the commitee. But the problem came up that there was no one to file the reports and do the administrative tasks. So the committee hired an administrative assistant to file the reports and a payroll clerk to do the payroll, and a senior clerk to check over the payroll plus a legal secretary to ensure that the office was run properly and a equal opportunity officer to be sure things were done properly and a safety officer and a planning chief and a training advisor and a senior supervisor to manage all the employees.

The committee then received a memo stating their project had gone overbudget by $50,000! They had to cut costss so they fired the night watch man.

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